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Flow Coaching : The wellness revolution

Flow Coaching is not just a simple sports coaching service. It's a real philosophy that aims to integrate movement into the heart of our daily lives. In a world where a sedentary lifestyle takes over, Flow is committed to offering personalized solutions for everyone, whether you are looking for performance or well-being or better health.

A rich path for adapted coaching

With my varied experiences in the sporting world, I offer a multidisciplinary approach. Triathlete, trail runner and specialist in functional strength workout, this sporting diversity allows me to understand each person's needs with finesse, thus offering tailor-made support

Solutions for everyone


Flow  doesn't just offer workouts. It is a holistic approach that takes into account every aspect of your life. Whether you are a seasoned athlete, a beginner or someone looking to return to physical activity, Flow has the solution. And no matter your location, support is guaranteed.

Commitment to the professional world

Aware of the challenges of today's professional world, between stress, sedentary lifestyle and poor posture, employees need adapted solutions. It is with this in mind that Flow offers specific programs for companies, because a fulfilled employee is a successful employee.

Choosing Flow means choosing excellence
Beyond the sessions, Flow is a commitment, a promise to offer you the best. Each program, each advice, each session is the fruit of years of experience and passion. With Flow, you are not just a customer, you are a partner in this quest for well-being and/or performance

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Because each case is different and I am committed to democratizing the concept of physical preparation and making coaching accessible to as many people as possible, send me a quote request and I will contact you to find a solution that meets your needs. , your objectives as well as your budget. Company, individual, association... you live in Lyon, Villeurbanne, Saint Priest, Bron... FLOW will adapt to your needs.


Running discovery program or recovery after injury: Assessment call + program + remote support: 35e per month

Individual physical preparation:

Training prepared according to needs, level and strong/weak points. The session is carried out entirely with me in order to refine the technique, level of difficulty and necessary options for each exercise. It’s a great accelerator for achieving your goals and progressing faster while avoiding classic injuries. From 30e the session.

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